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Under The Hood: MkDocs-Material

The site built with Mkdocs and the Material theme and intentionally designed to mimic documentation guides. I hope it serves as a living Kotlin Study Guide linking to both canonical and community-created resources of value.

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About Me

Hello! I'm Nitya. I'm a PhD and Polyglot interested in mobile, web and distributed systems.

My PhD explored survivability for distributed Java systems. I then spent the next decade working on mobile and ubiquitous computing research at Motorola, working on diverse next-generation mobile devices and development platforms. As an independent mobile and web developer, I explored both native (Android/Java) and cross-platform (Flutter/Dart, ReactNative/JS) technologies and tools.

I joined Microsoft Developer Relations in 2018 to focus on building developer programs as the North America lead, and took a break from active mobile development. But when Microsoft released the Surface Duo in 2020, I knew it was time to get back to mobile dev!!

About KotlinFYI

The Android developer ecosystem had evolved greatly in those 2 years. In 2019, Android went Kotlin first, a shift from the earlier "Java-first" approach. In 2020, JetBrains released Kotlin 1.4, unveiling plans and early previews that extend Kotlin's reach to multiplatform solutions including mobile, server-side, native, web and data science. It was time to skill up on Kotlin.

But learning a new language requires resources and a preliminary roadmap to guide your learning journey. This is where I hope this site comes in. To help me organize and share my learning journey in a way that might help others following suit. Join me!


This is inspired by the 100DaysOfCode challenge where you commit to working on a coding initiative every day for 100 days, leading to ingrained and consistent habits that improve your comprehension, retention and recall.

I kickstarted this in Dec 2020 and hope to make more progress over the holidays to establish a good routine for progress. Keep an eye on these three resources:

  • Roadmap a guide to topics or resources I want to explore.
  • Posts a journal, recording progress as it happens.
  • @kotlinfyi a social account, to share resources & amplify community.

#100DaysOfKotlin - Basics to Multiplatform


Every mobile or web front end needs a backend to help analyze, scale and support the user experience across devices and regions. This is where cloud platforms and services can help. If you're new to cloud and AI development, definitely check out my #CloudSkills journey in 2021.

#CloudSkills - Concepts to Certification