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Hello Kotlinverse!

My name is Nitya Narasimhan. I'm a Mobile / Cloud Advocate on the Developer Relations team at Microsoft and I want to help everyone build beautiful experiences for mobile users at cloud scale. Learn more about me and this project here.

This site is for anyone taking a Kotlin learning journey, with three trails initially:

  • Core Kotlin | focus on language syntax and foundational concepts.
  • Kotlin + Android | building professional mobile apps using best practices.
  • Kotlin + Cloud | scaling mobile apps with cloud services for scale.

#100DaysOfKotlin - Basics to Multiplatform

Have Comments or Feedback?

Here are the main options:

  • Comments | Share them on our Discussions board.
  • Errors? | File an Issue and I will look into it!
  • Kudos! | Please do tag @kotlinfyi and let us know what you liked!
Under The Hood: MkDocs-Material

The site was intentionally built with Mkdocs and the Material theme to mimic documentation guides. I hope it serves as a living Kotlin Study Guide linking to both canonical and community-created resources of value.